People’s Climate March

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by Evelynne (age 11)

I traveled to New York with my mom to participate in the People’s Climate  March. First we woke up very early and drove to the bus stop. The bus ride was very long and the bus driver got lost so my mom had to help. The people handed out noise makers. Although the trip was very long, I made a new friend. Her name was Natalie. When we finally got to New York we browsed around a little bit and then went to my moms friends house to sleep.

In the morning we took our time. We made signs that were important to us and expressing our thoughts that we could hold up in the March.  Mine was doubly side, one side reading, “Stop Denying, the Polar Bears are Dying!” and the other side – “Wake Up and Clean Up C02”. Then we went and took the subway to the March. On the subway trip we met lots of people who were also going to the March. When we got to the March we had to wait there for a long time for it to begin. The beginning of the March already started but there were so many people we had to wait for over 2 hours. Then, we had a moment of silence. After that we got to ring the Climate alarm by pulling out our noise makers and making A LOT of noise! We waited a little bit longer and then… the March started! The walk was very long.

There were lots and lots of people holding up different varieties of signs. We chanted many fun rhythms. Some people were chanting that the government wasn’t doing enough things to prevent this. For example, “Hey, Obama, we don’t want no pipeline drama!” I saw some of conserving the Chesapeake Bay and according to another one of the poster boards Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson says that “Theres no use in saving the Earth” What nonsense!!

I liked most of it but after a while it got very tired. I found people that were holding a parachute and chanting. I decided to join. After quite a while, not the full mile length of the March, my mom and I exited off to the subway because we needed to catch the bus on time.

The bus ride was very long and tiring. I slept for most of it. When we got to Baltimore we went back to the garage. But we had a slight problem…my mom simply couldn’t find her parking ticket! The part was, we had offered to give somebody a ride home because it was too late for her friend to pick her up. My mom looked everywhere for it. In the end, the 11-year-old, me, ended up saving the day because I found the parking ticket!!!

Overall I really enjoyed the March and I hope that it was very effective. I did this March to draw attention to the fact that we, as humans are causing the majority of global warming and that we CAN stop it and must do everything we can do to stop it!!!!!

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